John Oliver’s Skewering of Elected Judges won the Internet Last Week

This was a really hard vote, y’all.  There were several strong candidates.

Honorable mention goes to Dale Hansen for coming strong in the paint re:  those white power signs.  Also to these touching tributes to Leonard Nimoy’s passing:

Honorable Mention also goes to this video for a couple of reasons:  1.  I like this song and 2.  We. Are. Never. Getting. Another. One.

Third Place goes to this total takedown of FOX News and, well, just show the thing:

From this place:

Second place has to do with that dress that everyone’s talking about:

Yep.  Like this writer for Vice, I was somewhere Thursday evening so I didn’t see this unfold.  Friday I was all like “what?”  I still don’t get it.  So people argued about it.  But the best response was from a fake helen keller account:

Also, every one of us who laughed is going straight. to. hell.

Also notable:  Stevie Wonder’s Instagram page.  Straight. To. Hell.


But the winner is John Oliver’s take down of elected judges.  I bet you can figure out why once you listen to it.

That’s all for now y’all.