Well, Dambit.

Well, Dambit.  I really wasn’t going to post about how people are getting shot by the Police.  And then it happened again.

The first recently was Walter Scott.

The second was Eric Harris, who was shot by a 73 year old reserve deputy sheriff who said that he was reaching for his taser when he pulled out his firearm and shot the victim.  It’s worth noting that the reserve deputy was a big donor to the elected Sheriff’s campaign.  I didn’t even know that was a thing; that you could give a bunch of money and then be a reserve sheriff’s deputy.  I wouldn’t do it because I don’t have any money, but maybe you can.

So it’s really worth noting how apologetic the deputy is, which I guess makes sense seeing as though he just mortally wounded someone.  But what’s up with these other deputies?  How awful are they?  At least the deputy that shot Harris was charged and identified.  But the other deputies have no identification or any way to have a record that they basically said “You should die sir, good luck dying.”

One person says “F*** your breath.”  First off, that is a horrible thing to say especially to a dying person.  Second off, what?  It doesn’t even make sense to say something as ridiculous as that.

The second person says basically, you shouldn’t have ran.  We’ll get to that.  Promise.

I’ll also get to how #BlackLivesMatter applies to all of this too.  It’s going to get rowdy around here the next couple of days.

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