So They Serve Food on Airplanes Apparently.

I’ve been gone for a long time.  Because I got busy.  I’ll be writing a little more now.  Maybe.

I flew from LA to Dallas last night.  They came and served me food.  I had never eaten food on an airplane before.

1/4: they serve food on airplanes depending on where you sit. This is the appetizer.

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This is what they served first.  It was the first time that I had eaten nuts NOT in a bag.  #MovinOnUp This was the second thing:

2/4: this was the main course. For real. Who gets food on an airplane? A photo posted by Jeremy Gordon (@jeremyg36) on

Like, what is this?  I ordered it because they said “chicken.”


I murdered it.  They clearly haven’t had anyone from Duncanville eat on their airplane before.  We don’t waste food, y’all.  

4/4: this cookie got obliterated with extreme prejudice.

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This cookie almost didn’t even last long enough for a picture.  Almost.

So there you go.  They give you food on an airplane.  Sometimes.