5 Questions I have After Watching “The Obu’s on the Feud.”

I can’t figure out what I want this blog to be.  Sometimes I want this blog to be all personal, sometimes I want it to be a mini-gawker (maybe I shouldn’t want this) and sometimes I want to do comedy and funny things I see online. This is one of the latter.

I was flipping through Facebook the other day and I saw this from OkayAfrica:

I have so many questions, but I’ll limit it to 5:

1. How is this dad so out of control?

So we run the gag of this guy being NM named “Obu Obu Obu” and they pan to the dad and he is STRAIGHT POSING.  With not just one pose, multiple poses. One pose was not enough. Who’s dad is this?  Why will someone not go and get their dad?  I guess because everyone who would go get him is probably on stage.


2. How cheap are those chairs in the front of the audience?   

Take a second look at those chairs in the audience. The ones in the front rows when Steve Harvey addresses Obu senior.

Those chairs look like the sort of chairs that my church used when I was young. The sort of chairs that every church uses when they are saving up for the “building fund.”

So the people who put on family feud have the money to potentially give out $10000 in fast money every episode but they don’t have enough money to buy chairs?  And before you say “well, actually there is an perfectly logical explanation for this” while looking down your glasses, just remember that it’s still the Family Feud stage no matter how many corporate team building events they have there.

3. How long would it take to learn a song like that?

This song is without a doubt one of the catchiest things in have heard in a while. It’s one of the things that forever affirms to me that you can’t outdo black folk. But I wonder how long it would have taken to learn a song like this: hours?  A whole day?    Even longer?

I have an idea for what I would do if i were allowed to speak at a major conference and I could have walk-in music. I’d play the “drop” of the song “Super Dad” by Richard Durand (generally speaking after 2:53 in the song.  Isn’t that totally hype?  Admit it, you loved it). But it took me weeks to figure that out. How long did it take them to determine this?  Or is it like when you’ve been practicing your whole life for one moment?

4.  What do you do if you’re the other family?

So I haven’t watched this full episode. Partly because I don’t watch TV except for Luke Cage and only when I’m on the bike. So I don’t know who the other family is. But I wonder just what do you do when you’re seeing this?  When this other group of attractive young people is clapping and singing what should you be doing?  Should you also be clapping and singing?  Or should you be trying to plan your own song?  And what would that look like?  Would it look like you’re planning to steal?

Can you even come up with a song that quickly with your family?  Should you always bring your “ain’t shit uncle” who can really sing well?  I mean, i don’t want to bring him because he ain’t shit, but what if the Obu’s are singing on the other side and you don’t bring him?

5. Can we get a whole episode of Steve Harvey acting a damm fool?

So obviously this is not the first time there have been antics from Steve Harvey on family feud. There are whole compilations of this on family feud’s YouTube page. So what I am wondering is when can we get a whole episode devoted to just these antics?  We all know there just has to be more that we haven’t seen. As well as inspirational talks as well. But here is a favorite funny thing he did: