Short: Siamese Cats and Dumbo’s “Jim Crows”

So i never saw “lady and the tramp” growing up or at least I don’t remember. For some reason I’ve been remembering the “siamese cat” song and thought to google it.

Yo. Hold on man. This song is terrrrrrible. Who thought this was okay? Who approved of this? What studio executive was like “we are Siamese if you please? Brilliant!”

I posted this on my facebook and I got the following responses:
“Maybe don’t re-watch Peter Pan.”
“Good ol racist Walt Disney…”
“Go watch Cinderella 2 (they made a sequel). And Cinderella 3!  [hold on just a minute.  they made a cinderalla 2 and 3?  wtf were they about?  did she lose her shoe again?  did she miss the after party?]”
“Brer rabbit and the tar baby [this I don’t remember, but I remember brer rabbit.] ”
“Don’t forget ‘Song of The South [we sang this song all the effing time in daycare.  i’m afraid to watch this]'”

But you know what was this worst?

“Dumbo and the Jim Crows”

So I googled it.

dear God.  It’s a bunch of crows.  And one of their name is Jim. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS OKAY?  What vice president was all like “yes, I approve of this.”  Who signed the document giving this the green light?  What green light would it even have been?

I vividly remember watching Dumbo in kindergarten.  I was 6 years old.  I can’t believe what sort of stuff was being programmed into me.


This is part of a thing called “shorts,” which is short stuff that I write in other places and I post here because I’m really busy but I paid money for this domain.