Shyama and I Read the GOPHealthCare Bill and It’s BS

I know that a vote on the GOP version of the Health Care Bill is being delayed and is not happening right now, possibly because they don’t have the votes to pass it. But the truth is that it can be recalled and voted on at anytime and there are a number of things that can get added to the bill in order to make it more palatable for some GOP senators.

This health care bill is bad:

“So here is what the CBO [congressional budget office, a group of bipartasian nerds that review all bills in order to explain the cost of the bill and the effects of it] is saying: The BCRA’s subsidies are too small to make the silver plans [a healthcare plan that pays for 70% of a person’s expected healthcare costs] affordable for low-income people, and the plans it is trying to make affordable — the ones that cover 58 percent of expected costs — carry such high deductibles that low-income Americans won’t buy them because they won’t be able to afford to use them.”


There are people who are alive right now who will die if the healthcare plan that is going through the senate right now makes it through the senate and gets to the President’s desk. That is a true thing. I don’t believe that should happen. Obamacare is not perfect in any respect, but the current bills going through congress don’t fix the underlying problems of Obamacare and hurt a lot of people.

We can work to change that by calling our senators and asking that they vote no against this bill. If you live in a place where your senators are already voting no, you can call them and thank them for voting no and asking them to delay this bill and any other bills like it. For more about that you can go to

You can call on the weekend, it’s fine. Many offices are keeping a count of how many calls they get and your calls can go in the count even if you don’t speak to someone. It’s fine. has a script that you can use.

July 4th is here and many of these senators are going to be doing some sort of parade walking or other july 4th something or other. We can go to these events and ask them to vote no or delay. If they’re in a car in a parade, then yell at them while they drive by. We have to do everything that we can here to save lives. Almost everyone knows someone who receives money from #Medicaid or is between 50-64, the age where the premium rates jump up.

Shyama and I read the health care bill last week and shot a video on it. We are going to be going to the Ted Cruz Town Hall McKinney Rally on wednesday and ask him to hold a town hall where he will submit himself to questions by his constituents. Please come with us. Call, text or pm me for more info.

Thank you for reading this. I know there is a lot of politics right now but we have to do what we can in order to make our voice heard.