TNT Report: Visiting My Hero

Some of you may know this, but I rejoined Team In Training this year to run the Dallas Marathon while raising money to fight blood cancers.  This is part of a series about my journey.

My Team journey has been slow going given that our training season was right as I was starting to recover from my Tympanoplasty.  I just started running again this week and things are slow going.  I’ve raised a fair amount of money for my campaign so far and looking forward to raising the rest very soon.

A few weeks ago I went to visit my honored hero at his house.  “An Honored Hero is a dedicated individual or family member, affected by a blood cancer, who serves as an inspiration and provides support to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).”  My particular hero is a friend of Kim and her family.  I had met him before he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma.  When I visited him, he was finishing the fifth of six rounds of chemotherapy.

My hero had no hair on his head and his eyebrows were gone.  He had a surgical mask on his mouth.  He rarely spoke and used a legal pad to communicate with his family.  He had lost a great deal of weight as well.  He had a “port” in his arm with three tubes.  One tube went into his body and close to his heart.  He walked around with the port on his arm during the chemotherapy and it had to be cleaned with saline each week.

This is not my honored hero but I wanted you to know what a port is. This is a free use photo.

I talked to Kim about what I saw.  She informed me that he wears the mask because his immune system is drastically weaker while on chemotherapy.  Being around a person with a cold or the flu could be fatal.  In addition his mouth has sores on it from the procedure.  When he was in his first few rounds of chemo, he was at the hospital from 8 AM to 5 PM.  Now he is able to go home but the procedure still takes a toll on him as well as his family.

The first time I did team in Training I was legit doing it just so I could get help in doing a triathlon.  And I did do those things and they were fine.  But I am in a unique position to use this platform for change in addition to freezing cold political takes and I’m gonna do that.

Kim and I are doing the Dallas Marathon this year as part of the Dallas Team in Training group.  To that end you can go to either my page or Kim’s page in order to make a donation.  Please share this with your friends, family and frenemies so that they can donate.  They can reach out to me at if they have questions.

We’re also having a housewarming party in August and a Halloween party in October.  In lieu of presents, please come with donations for Team.  Please email me at the stuff above if you would like an invite.

Thanks for reading this and I’ll have another post soon.

Featured photo was taken by Kim while on a run in Vegas.