A Bad Time: The 2017 Old College Triathlon

On August 20th I “completed” the Old College Tri.  “Completed” is in quotes, Because I guess you could call what I did completed.  I mean, technically it counts.

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The Old College Tri is in Denton, TX.  It was a sprint triathlon with a 250 yard swim, a 12 mile bike or so and a 5k.  The swim was in a pool, the cycle was down and back a country road and the run was around a stadium and down the street from it.

We can skip all the minor details about my transition area and what not.  Let’s get into the goods.

This is us pre-race. While things were going well. 

The Swim

The swim was decent.  Probably my third or fourth swim back since my ear surgery.  I took it easy and passed people when I could.

The Cycle

The cycle was a train wreck.  A literal train wreck.

Seen above:  A reenactment of my triathlon cycle.  

I felt my energy drop like an anvil on about mile 3 of the 12 mile cycle.  It was really hard to get anything going.  I felt like I had lead in my legs.  I could barely get above 12-13 mph, which is uncharacteristic for me (in my other triathlons I usually have averaged 15-17 mph).  I was really laboring.  To top things off I had a flat tire on my back wheel from a problem with the rim.  So I had to wait around for the sag wagon to fix me up (I did not know this, but SAG wagon means Support and Gear, not “you’re just sagging around”).  When you are getting help from the sag wagon you’re on the clock.  You don’t get a time out like in other sports.

I was the second to last finisher on the bike.  I know this because the last finisher had a truck behind them picking up cones.  And they were only 50 feet behind me.  I’m not sure what was worse:  that or the pity applause from the volunteers as I was sauntering up to the bike in.

It took me 8 minutes to get seen by the sag wagon and fixed up.  So 1 hour and 8 minutes to go 12 miles.  Lovely.

The Run

So if my cycle was bad then my run was good right?  WRONG.  Part of the problem with the run is that if you mosey around on the cycle then it’s HOT during the run.  My run was hot, my legs were gassed and my mental toughness was shot during the train wreck of a cycle.  I walked most of the run, which is something I almost never do on race day.

The last 40 meters was specially marked so racers could try their hand at the 40 yard dash.  I ran hard there to save face.

Well, this is the part where I would show my race results overall.  But…

My results were bad but I didn’t know that they were THIS bad.

They don’t show up!  Ultimately I think that this may be a problem with the page more than it’s my own fault.  The same thing happened to my partner’s page and I know that she finished respectfully.

So What Happened?

As I look at this dumpster fire of a race, I look to three things that could be the culprits:

1.  I was on Whole30 at the time

Okay so this is true.  I was on whole30 during the race. We’re going to get to it, but essentially whole30 is an elimination diet where you eat whole foods only.  Meat, veggies, fruits, no sugar, no alcohol, no legumes and no processed food.  So, like 3/4ths of what I eat.  The diet worked out well for me in the long run but I was frequently hungry while on it.

2.  We had a housewarming party the day before and I couldn’t eat any of the food we bought because I was on Whole30

Essentially what I wrote up there.  You can’t partake of the chocolate fountain that your partner set up while on Whole30.  Same goes for the food that we served and the wine that everyone else drank.  Not that I would want to eat any of that anyway but all I ended up eating a bunch of grapes and not much else.  That’s not an appropriate day-before-a-triathlon meal.  I could have eaten a lot better.

3. I got new wheels to accommodate my power meter

Okay so I got a new back wheel and power meter recently.  The power meter is a hub, meaning that it is inside the back wheel.  I’ll take a picture sometime.  It doesn’t go on the wheels that I have because the spoke count is different(?). So I used the wheels that they came with.  So when I showed those wheels to the people at the bike store they said my other wheels go faster but the wheels that the power meter came on are better for potholes.  This is confusing for someone who rides about twice a week just to get through it.  But it’s easier to blame it on the wheels than…

4.  I’m just out of shape

This seems like the most likely thing.  I’ve had other cycles since then where I feel like I’m laboring really heavily.

I was off for maybe 8 weeks while having this surgery.  It doesn’t seem like it would have been this bad.  But maybe between 8 weeks off and the weight I gained while being off…maybe.  If that’s the case then I’ve got a long road back and I don’t know what to make of that.

I’ve got two more races this season:  Stonebridge and and the Best of the Best, which I qualified for when I did the St. Patty’s Tri in March.  After that we move into marathon season with Dallas again.

I’m not sure about even doing Best of the Best right now.  Honestly, I don’t feel like it.  And if I went, there is no way I would be looking to be “the Best of the Best of the Best.”

OMG I could watch that scene a thousand times and it still would be amazing to me.

featured image via Southpark and know your meme.  I’ve never seen the show before so I don’t know what to tell you.  

This is us post race. After I picked myself up off the floor. 

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