Five Things I Remembered that I did from a Facebook Posting

September 11th is my birthday.  It’s the same day every year, like yours probably.  It was my 37th birthday.  It was very nice, thanks for asking.  I worked a little bit and I had a nice dinner.

I also had over 200 people write some form of “Happy Birthday” on my Facebook wall as well as texts, emails and people writing messages to me.  More than I had time to get back to, and just the right amount to make me feel really loved.  I appreciate every single one and I am privileged to know each and every one of you.

I also got this video made for me, which is very different from any video ever:

I also tried a project from a friend’s page:  A simple message asking people to comment with a memory that we shared.

birthday message
This was the message that I posted on my birthday. I encourage you to post it on your birthday too.

The responses that I received were…interesting.  Honestly, I had forgotten about half of them.  Looking back on them reminds me of some of the rowdy things that have happened to me over my life.  I took a couple of them and I’m going to put them here with a little bit more explanation as needed:

    1.  The time I shot a video of myself teaching myself how to drink wine and put said video on youtube.

      I mean, the video is pretty informative.  If I forgot how to drink wine somehow this would be very helpful.  I’m not sure why I felt the need to go over the steps on how to do it and then do it except that I know for a fact that I am a tactile learner so I was giving myself plenty of examples.  But why did I post it on youtube tho?  Hopefully someone else is getting some info from me on this.
    2. The time I came close to wearing inappropriate wrist bands while getting sworn into the District Court for the Northern District of Texas:
      Okay, so this really did happen.

      Thankfully I made it out unscathed.  The court doesn’t really care about the wrist bands as I’ve worn them on other occasions.

    3. “Me driving you around Abilene b/c you didn’t have license.”  This is true but it wasn’t just this one person because EVERYONE had to do this for me.
    4. A friend submitted this one:

      I was in the [student government] office with [another student] and I’m sure the usual crowd and happened to mention that I hadn’t received my shirt from [a fraternity social event] that you were wearing [I may have been her date to this]. By this time it was probably spring. You said, “That’s not right,” or something and took the shirt off of your back and gave it to me. I remember being bewildered that someone did that for me and felt bad at the same time. I still have it to this day with all my other [Fraternity/Sorority] shirts I haven’t parted with.

      I do not remember this but this seems like something I would do.  But this is when we were all (or maybe just me) were getting our shirts WAY TOO BIG.  So I probably got an XL or something when now I would get a M.Also, this picture was attached.  This is a shirt that we did have in our [fraternity], but I don’t remember giving it to her.  But here it is so I must have?
      21559096_10156560381244325_8901251701018001712_n (1).jpg

    5. Someone just said “Hepme.”  There’s a story behind this.

      In my second year of law school I was a witness in the Black Law Students’ Association regional and national Mock Trial Tournaments.  The case that year was a criminal trial of a soldier who had allegedly had abused a suspected terrorist at a place similar to Guantanamo Bay.  My role was to be the victim, the suspected terrorist who was injured by the defendant.  My name was Hepme.

      So our idea was to act like I was injured by the abuse that I had sustained.  I had found a band-aid and wore it on my neck to simulate the injuries.  In the finals, while getting cross-examined like no one’s business, I tried to grab my neck where the band-aid was in order to simulate pain.  But I grabbed the WRONG SIDE OF MY NECK and then tried to play it off and grab the right side like no one saw it.  They saw it.  We did not win that day.Also, as an aside, my friend and I got mistaken for bellhops a few days before.  But we weren’t bellhops.  We were law students.

      Mock Trial SemisMock Trial Semis 2So what you are seeing in these pictures is the band aid that I had on my neck.  There are other people in these photos but I didn’t include them because digital consent matters and because I didn’t have time to ask them.

There are a ton of stories just like this that are out there that I can’t remember or maybe I would remember if I had more time.  I’ve been working on this theory that my life has happened primarily in an episodic manner that can be divided up pretty easily:  Up to college, college, law school/interning, my first DA job, my second DA job and my own office.  And while this might not be a show that anyone would watch, if you put a bunch of the stories from my birthday thread together then you could get a couple of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video seasons together.

What I realized from these stories was how much I missed these sort of stories.  That thread had over 200 comments, and while many of them were of me thanking others for reminding me of the crazy crap that I have done, much of it was from others.  It will be important going forward to have the type of balance that I am looking for so that the next time I post that call for responses I’ll have new stories.