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What I Posted On Facebook This Week

ou know, how you can save stuff on FB now and then come back to it later?  Yeah I have 3500 things that I put there.  Lots of Luke Cage think pieces.  I’m pretty sure that I can basically delete everything before November of 2016.  I’ve been going through just the videos there the past couple of days while at the gym.  No word on when I am going to get to the articles.

TNT Report: Visiting My Hero

“I talked to Kim about what I saw.  She informed me that he wears the mask because his immune system is drastically weaker while on chemotherapy.  Being around a person with a cold or the flu could be fatal.  In addition his mouth has sores on it from the procedure.  When he was in his first few rounds of chemo, he was at the hospital from 8 AM to 5 PM.  Now he is able to go home but the procedure still takes a toll on him as well as his family.”

Shyama and I Read the GOPHealthCare Bill and It’s BS

“I know that a vote on the GOP version of the Health Care Bill is being delayed and is not happening right now, possibly because they don’t have the votes to pass it. But the truth is that it can be recalled and voted on at anytime and there are a number of things that can get added to the bill in order to make it more palatable for some GOP senators.”

Three questions I have about this stepping video that don’t have anything to do with cultural appropriation.

“Where is her shirt? Did you not know this was happening? Was it not on your phone? Did you not use the buddy system to make sure everyone is ready? Did no one have extras just in case? Where is your dorm or apartment that you couldn’t go back and get it? And were you not bothered by the fact that you didn’t have it on the way over to the performance?”