The Lessons that I Learned from Whole30

If you've been on my facebook recently you've noticed that I've been eating different type of food.  As in not Sun Chips or Fun Size Twix.  Nope.  I've been eating food from a thing called Whole30 and to say that it is working my conditioning would be an understatement. So Why Whole30? Most people look … Continue reading The Lessons that I Learned from Whole30

What I Posted On Facebook This Week

ou know, how you can save stuff on FB now and then come back to it later?  Yeah I have 3500 things that I put there.  Lots of Luke Cage think pieces.  I'm pretty sure that I can basically delete everything before November of 2016.  I've been going through just the videos there the past couple of days while at the gym.  No word on when I am going to get to the articles.