What Not to Do When Your Girlfriend Runs Faster Than You

“The other day we were eating with some friends and she brought a plate of green stuff over to the table. I went up and got a pizza. She looked at my pizza with disdain. I said “what?” She said “do you want to race?” Everyone at the table was all like “oooooh, burn!””

#WorkoutWednesday: This Person Was the Last Person to Finish the Boston Marathon

From HLN: Boston Marathon participant Maickel Melamed was the last to cross the finish line early Tuesday. However, the 39-year-old Venezuelan’s finish had more to do with his fight against muscular dystrophy than getting a fast time. Melamed tweeted after the race, “Today, we conquer the impossible, today more than […]

#WorkoutWednesday: This Guy Celebrating Too Early and then Getting Beat is Hilarious

So I guess this was super long race and this guy’s trying to get the public amped up for him.  Because winning isn’t enough, he’s gotta get random strangers pumped up for him.  And homeboy runs right past him.  So good. It’s worth noting that that runner has to make […]

#WorkoutWednesday: They Must Have Shot this Video in my Gym or Something.

(featured image via screenshot) Two things for today. 1.  This person is very good at cycling.  Did you think you were good at it?  She is better than you. 2.  These people are in EVERY SINGLE GYM THAT I AM IN.  My goodness.  At least get off the treadmill when […]

welp. This 570 lb guy just ripped up all my excuses not to run.

WDRB 41 Louisville News He used to weigh 625 pounds, but made it a New Year’s resolution to drop extra pounds. Mitchell says if he can do a 5K, then anyone can. His finish time was about 90 minutes. wdrb I’m not part of #TeamNoExcuses but if this guy can […]

#WorkoutWednesday: Let’s Not Tear Down People Just Starting their Fitness Journey, Y’all.

I work out at more than one gym.  I have a membership to 24 and I also work out at the YMCA.  It’s January and the gyms are somewhat full of people who have made a resolution to get fit this year.  In some situations they clog up the equipment […]

#WorkoutWednesday: Man, This Sucks For this Person

I watch things on the internet sometimes.  This came across my Facebook…You know what man, just roll the tape.   Post by FailArmy. So much is happening here. I am a member of several organizations that have watched this video and have critical responses.  Here are some of them, with […]

#WorkoutWednesday: Can Anyone Here Tell Me What a “White Girl Vegetable” is?

So I am a member of an organization called the International Association of Black Triathletes. We support each other, compete in races together and raise awareness about Triathlon in the Black Community, It’s pretty fancy.   One day we were lamenting about how others in our communities try to detract […]