The Great Cutoff

"I wish I could see things as black and white as others. Sometimes I wish I could just cut people off when they say stuff that I disagree with. But life has never been that simple for me and I don't think it ever will. I think I'll always try to stay connected to others. And sometimes that means working hard to see the good in people. Even if they did something awful. Even if it means they could burn me again."

So When Do We Get to Vote Stacey Dash Off the Island?

"But then again, should we? I mean, I know we're forgiving and all that but there comes a time when you stop visiting a loved one at the prison because he needs tome to get his head right. At what point do we get to say "you know what, Stacey Dash? Nah. We don't want you no more. You can't sit with us." At what point do we get to vote trade her in the racial draft?"

About This Guy

On the one hand, this is how I deal with the police. I get pulled over often. I've never been shot before. I am polite, respectful and I know how to talk to people. Kind of like this person. But you don't see me getting online and acting a damn fool about it. You don't see me getting online and disparaging a whole movement that has pulled together to make actual social change just because I made it through one traffic stop. You don't see me forgetting Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley and the many others who have been killed while doing nothing wrong.