All of The Confederate Flags that I saw on the Way to Pennslyvania

Recently I drove on a trip for a court case.  To Harrisburg Pennslyvania.  Let me repeat, that was in a car. It was for the best and we have some really great conversation, but we still drove.  From Dallas, through Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and then through Pennslyvania. […]

5 Questions I have After Watching “The Obu’s on the Feud.”

So we run the gag of this guy being NM named “Obu Obu Obu” and they pan to the dad and he is STRAIGHT POSING. With not just one pose, multiple poses. One pose was not enough. Who’s dad is this? Why will someone not go and get their dad? I guess because everyone who would go get him is probably on stage.

So I Bought a House Recently

2. Gone are the days when we were looking for good schools and lower taxes. The tests today for homeownership are “where is the nearest Starbucks, does Favor deliver there, can I run through the neighborhood without getting mugged and will stuff get stolen off your porch?” 3. Stuff will get stolen off your porch.

This Pic of MObama/Missy/Queen Latifah at Least Deserves Honorable Mention for Blackest Thing Ever This Week

Haven’t we somewhat reached the era where ANYTHING the Obamas do qualifies for an award? Previous Obama winners include Gun Control Tears, song choices, having the Obama daughters at a Turkey Pardoning, and that time he used the phrase “Folks wanna pop-off” at an official thing. Like, literally anything they do should be lauded by someone.