Shyama and I Read the GOPHealthCare Bill and It’s BS

“I know that a vote on the GOP version of the Health Care Bill is being delayed and is not happening right now, possibly because they don’t have the votes to pass it. But the truth is that it can be recalled and voted on at anytime and there are a number of things that can get added to the bill in order to make it more palatable for some GOP senators.”

Wait. So You Can Just Say This on TV and Everything?

“The level of disrespect that this station gives the President is appalling. It’s absolutely ridiculous. You don’t have to like him but you should give him more respect than this. And if you don’t want to respect him then send forth someone better than the flunkies that you sent in to run against him. “

Whoa. This ad Kind of Makes Me Want to Become a Vegan Now.

This has language in it.  I warned you.

Wow!  This is a pretty hard core ad.  I’m pretty impressed here.  Who is this lady and where did they get her?  I wonder if she kisses her momma with that mouth.  My goodness.

I am back to blogging for a while.  But I am not going to be able to get long, introspective thoughtful stuff out for maybe a week or so.  So deal with it.

This Video of John Boyega, the Guy in Star Wars is Too Cute

I have a new layout.  You can see that obvs.  It’s nice.  Also, John Boyega is too cute as one of the new leads.  This is how I would be like if I was in a star wars movie.

He’s also black.  I heard that some people didn’t like that.  But also, Mace Windu.