How I Got Here: The Soap Dispenser (5/10)

I got advice, asked people about what to do and gave it a lot of thought. I met with a person who I trusted and she said that I should not run for this, indicating that it wasn't me. My special talent and thing that I could do was get people excited and this was not a job where I could rally interest and get people excited. I thanked her for her advice and went on to run/ Looking back on it, she was right.

How I Got Here: The Bell Tower (4/10)

I ran over to check on it and the people who were ringing it just stopped, claiming that their families were on campus and they wanted to go see them. With no one else around I climbed in the makeshift fort of pallets and rang the bell alone. For two hours. I'm not going to lie, it was a long two hours. Some other freshmen came and gave me water while I rang. Some people took a pic of themselves acting as if they were ringing the bell while I kept it ringing it out of the view of the picture. At about 1:15 PM or so I started thinking to myself, "you know what? this might just work out!" It did not work out.