Above and Beyond

Year in Review: my top 10 EDM Songs

This is an incomplete list of the EDM that I loved in 2014.  I’m not even putting these in order because there is no way to do it. At first I wanted to do a top 10, but then I didn’t want to dilute the list so I have a […]

#TechnoTuesday: Above and Beyond Group Therapy 100

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Above and Beyond.  This is from their 100th Radio Podcast show “Group Therapy” in Madison Square Garden.  I wanted to go so bad.  It would have been awesome. Several other key members of the Anjunabeats family were there as well.  I listened […]

#TechnoTuesday: This SNL Sketch About EDM is Pretty Good, Actually

This video shot by The Lonely Island, the same folks that made this video, is pretty good.  It’s about waiting for the bass to drop in an EDM song. This whole “waiting for the Bass to Drop” thing can be a problem in some songs.  In A&B‘s music you can […]

#TechnoTuesday Vol. 2: Where I Share the Song that Changed Everything

One night on a run I heard a song that I instantly fell in love with. It changed everything I knew about EDM and made me a permanent member of #TeamAnjuna. I can’t even explain to you how this happened or how I found it but I am glad that […]

#TechnoTuesday Vol. 1: Origins and Lights All Night

I’ve been into EDM for about 3 years now.  I started listening to it to get ready for longer runs and because rap just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  I had an experience with EDM a long time ago at the Lizard Lounge, but at that time the only […]