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On the one hand, this is how I deal with the police. I get pulled over often. I've never been shot before. I am polite, respectful and I know how to talk to people. Kind of like this person. But you don't see me getting online and acting a damn fool about it. You don't see me getting online and disparaging a whole movement that has pulled together to make actual social change just because I made it through one traffic stop. You don't see me forgetting Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley and the many others who have been killed while doing nothing wrong.

My Heart Hurts Today.

https://twitter.com/davidfrum/status/539182183307816962 ---------- "City police often conduct "vertical patrols" inside public housing by going from roofs down staircases that sometimes are havens for crime. Police Commissioner William Bratton has said the patrols are needed, and the development where Gurley was shot had recently seen a shooting, robberies and assaults. Officer Peter Liang and his partner, also … Continue reading My Heart Hurts Today.