Year in Review: my top 10 EDM Songs

This is an incomplete list of the EDM that I loved in 2014.  I’m not even putting these in order because there is no way to do it.

At first I wanted to do a top 10, but then I didn’t want to dilute the list so I have a top 4, a lifetime achievement award” and 5 honorable mentions.  If you don’t like that then get your own list.

Honorable Mention:

MUST DIE! & Crnkn – The Palmtop Tiger

Honorable mention because I’m more of a trance person than a hardstyle/dubstep person, but that very well might change after this.  Did you hear that first drop?  My Goodness.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Big Ben Black Room Boy, Above and Beyond/Ilan Bluestone

At ABGT 100.  The more complete one on youtube has an inappropriate picture.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Spheres, Ilan Bluestone

In a grey area because the video was released in 2013 and I heard it at LAN 2013.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Mat Zo, Lucid Dreams, Ilan Bluestone Remix

For the same reasons as Spheres.

And now the Top 5.  I’m not even going to try to put these in order.  Forget it.

“Far From Needing Your Love,” Andrew Bayer/Above and Beyond

“Blue Sky Action,” Above and Beyond Ft. Alex Vargas

“Pompeii,” Bastille – Audien Remix

“The Dark,” Boom Jinx and Meredith Call, Kevin Wild and Judah Remix

“Aurora,” Ilan Bluestone

Lifetime Achievement:  “Alchemy,” Above and Beyond, Club Mix

I’m going to make a Spotify Playlist sometime with all this in it.  Maybe.

Media Roundup 9/19

This is a Media Roundup where I get all the clips that are good to me some for some reason.  Any reason at all, really.

1.  John Stewart taking the NFL to task again.


2.  This hilarious Key and Peele sketch about aliens and stereotypes:


3.  This jam that is quickly coming up my list of great EDM tunes:

4.  I’ve never seen “My Cousin Vinny” before, but this clip is amazing.  One day…

5.  This is what I am listening to these days.  Especially everything at “The Dark” and after.

6.  50 Cent went to Somalia and donated a bunch of money while you were talking about Black-on-Black Crime in Chicago.