What I Posted On Facebook This Week

Okay, so this is going to be exactly what it says. A selection of the posts that I have made on my facebook page Fifty Shades of Black as well as my own personal page where appropriate.  Things I find funny or relevant or important.  Maybe you will too.

Let me just say before i show these that I have had a lot of resistance to posting I think.  And I don’t know why that is.  I have a lot to tell you about, like my ear surgery, my halloween party and other things.  I don’t know what the deal is.  Oh well.

In the future these things are going to have a theme of some sort.  But for now I am doing a lot of cleaning through my “saved tab” on FB.  You know, how you can save stuff on FB now and then come back to it later?  Yeah I have 3500 things that I put there.  Lots of Luke Cage think pieces.  I’m pretty sure that I can basically delete everything before November of 2016.  I’ve been going through just the videos there the past couple of days while at the gym.  No word on when I am going to get to the articles.

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This is the Second Most Important Thing to Know About my Job

So, I guess the short — but by no means “simple” — answer…is that as a Defense Attorney, I look at cases in terms of the person charged, as opposed to the act.   A Prosecutor has more of a tendency to look at the act alleged and then judge the person. 

That’s the difference.  Everything else flows from that.

Murray Newman, An Important Breakfast, Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.  

FYI, in case you were wondering what is the most important thing: