Eric Garner

Even Judge Mathis Gets It. Your Argument has no Merit.

So Judge Mathis had some knucklehead in his court who had a history of being a knucklehead.  Let’s go to the tape. You can’t argue with him, HE’S JUDGE MATHIS.  Your argument has no merit.  Your aunt watches his show ALL THE TIME. How long has that show been on, […]

Point/Counterpoint: Sharing Videos on Social Media of Inappropriate Police Contact

Footage. Video. Tapes. They exist in droves now. But what is the purpose? What good have they done? In the case of Eric Garner’s death, it did nothing to bring justice. His killer walked free. In the case of Walter Scott, his killer got charged with murder and we celebrated […]

Well, Dambit.

Well, Dambit.  I really wasn’t going to post about how people are getting shot by the Police.  And then it happened again. The first recently was Walter Scott. The second was Eric Harris, who was shot by a 73 year old reserve deputy sheriff who said that he was reaching […]

#BlackLivesMatter and the Protests in Light of Recent Horrible Murders

Several police officers have been murdered recently.  This is a horrible thing.  Two officers were murdered in NYC and one in Florida.  Other individuals have been arrested because of threats made toward officers. This is ridiculous and needs to stop.  Police officers should not be attacked.  Period. At the same […]

“The Other America”

Many Americans find themselves at a loss to understand the depth of the anger and frustration of the protestors. It might be worthwhile for them to read aspeech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered on April 14, 1967, at Stanford University. A colleague of mine in Congress reminded me of […]

What Am I Supposed to Feel Here?

  Post by New Day.   So when you watch this video are you supposed to have hope for the future or are you supposed to be disappointed because you know that some of these children are likely to be racist? I mean, there is that old pic that floats […]

The Most Important Thing I Have Ever Said, Revisited

Back in the past I said this.  I wanted it to be the most important thing that I had ever said, and something that I would have wanted you to remember me by when I am gone. Turns out that while it’s the most important thing that I have said, […]

“The Talk:” What we Tell our Sons and Daughters

Christi Griffin, the president of The Ethics Project, wanted this to be different. She wanted to invite mothers of other races to hear directly from black mothers the reality of raising a black son in America. She wanted them to hear the words they each had said to their own […]

Some Posts from #CrimingWhileWhite and #LivingWhileBlack

Both of these were hashtags from the past week or so.  I would post more about this but I should be working right now.  Someone else compiled these.   [View the story “Categorizing Stories from #AliveWhileBlack and #CrimingWhileWhite” on Storify]