Dale Hansen Lighting Up the Cowboys is The Winner of the Internet for Last Week

Plenty of candidates for winner this past week.  Honorable mention goes to John Stewart’s takedown of FOX’s hypocrisy.

Second place is Last Week Tonight with a brutal takedown of March Madness and the NCAA’s refusal to pay student athletes.

But the winner is this takedown of the Dallas Cowboys and their signing of Greg Hardy, who may be serving a suspension for a Family Violence conviction.

Related:  The Cowboys Probably Wouldn’t Sign a Player who Supports ISIS.  Well, that’s good.
Related:  Greg Hardy went on instagram and basically said IDGAF.  So attractive.

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John Oliver’s Skewering of Elected Judges won the Internet Last Week

This was a really hard vote, y’all.  There were several strong candidates.

Honorable mention goes to Dale Hansen for coming strong in the paint re:  those white power signs.  Also to these touching tributes to Leonard Nimoy’s passing:

Honorable Mention also goes to this video for a couple of reasons:  1.  I like this song and 2.  We. Are. Never. Getting. Another. One.

Third Place goes to this total takedown of FOX News and, well, just show the thing:

From this place:

Second place has to do with that dress that everyone’s talking about:

Yep.  Like this writer for Vice, I was somewhere Thursday evening so I didn’t see this unfold.  Friday I was all like “what?”  I still don’t get it.  So people argued about it.  But the best response was from a fake helen keller account:

Also, every one of us who laughed is going straight. to. hell.

Also notable:  Stevie Wonder’s Instagram page.  Straight. To. Hell.


But the winner is John Oliver’s take down of elected judges.  I bet you can figure out why once you listen to it.

That’s all for now y’all.

Media Roundup 9/26

Time for a Media Roundup:  Stuff that I’ve been watching this week.

1.  John Oliver Shredding the Miss USA Pageant:

2.  John Oliver Shredding Roger Goddell:

3.  This adorable kid who teaches us how to make a hip hop song which is arguably better than half the things on the radio:



4.  The time that Bill O’Reilly ACTUALLY proposed creating GI Joe to fight ISIS.

5.  If you’re going to talk about how GI Joe is being created then you pretty much have to watch a clip.  Did you know they made a movie with a special theme song?  My old roommate loved it.

6.  This retro clip with a breakdown of why STEM is important:



7.  Jon Stewart blasting #LatteGate: