John Oliver Skewering Municipial Court Systems Wins the Internet For Last Week

John Oliver posts an awesome winner at the bottom, but plenty of runners up.

Also notable: This remake of Bambi. I’d watch it. “Deer Crossing Mutha *****!”

Also notable:  SNL’s take on Starbucks “Race Together” Campaign, which sounds kind of dumb.

And the winner.  I knew it was the winner as soon as I saw it, but I needed to at least watch other videos.

Dale Hansen Lighting Up the Cowboys is The Winner of the Internet for Last Week

Plenty of candidates for winner this past week.  Honorable mention goes to John Stewart’s takedown of FOX’s hypocrisy.

Second place is Last Week Tonight with a brutal takedown of March Madness and the NCAA’s refusal to pay student athletes.

But the winner is this takedown of the Dallas Cowboys and their signing of Greg Hardy, who may be serving a suspension for a Family Violence conviction.

Related:  The Cowboys Probably Wouldn’t Sign a Player who Supports ISIS.  Well, that’s good.
Related:  Greg Hardy went on instagram and basically said IDGAF.  So attractive.

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