Great Stuff from James Brown Re: Domestic Violence

We’re going to need to talk about Domestic/Family Violence for a while here.  This Ray Rice stuff is horrible and we need to continue the conversation.  If you’re not down then there are videos of cats somewhere online or something.

I need to safe port you, I have a fair amount of experience in this area because I was a person who sought Protective Orders for a while in the past.  When you do that then you learn about Domestic/Family/Dating Violence.

This might seem a little out of sorts with my day job.  I don’t really handle cases like that right now, but even more so, if I were to get retained for one then I would have to do what I had to do.  It doesn’t effect what I know.

So get ready because this is going to get messy.  Lots of personal feelings are going to come up in this.

More Ray Rice Fallout

I really don’t want this site to become a news site because there are plenty of those, but there is a lot to say about Ray Rice, the media, the NFL and Domestic Violence.  We’re going to venture into this a little more.  I already talked about it a little bit yesterday.

If you need a refresher:


Post by Vox.


I do not believe the NFL when they say they didn’t have that video.  If they didn’t have it then they suck at their jobs.  Are you really telling me that the hotel would have said “Nawl, bruh” when you asked for it?  The NFL might not have looked for it.  That is horrible.  The same goes with the prosecutors.  I loved the hot fire that KO spit last night on this.  It was exactly what I wanted to say.

Speaking of media, What Fox and Friends did was bad.  Is it better to be in the stairs because you can beat up your wife there and no one will know?  What if there is a stair climb race that day?  Fox and Friends’ non-apology was bad.  What CNN did in response was decent.


Even I got in on the whole thing on a personal level.  I had much to say.  I did a lot of work with domestic violence in a past job.  It doesn’t leave you when you leave the job.

Because of that what Janay Rice said to me was all too familiar:

Ultimately there is a lot more to go on this, but I don’t intend to give a play by play here.

Re: Ray Rice

Today has been a whirlwind of events regarding Ray Rice and him knocking the tar out of his girlfriend at the time in an elevator.  It’s also the first day that I’ve been working with a thing called Storify.  I took the stories that I wanted to post about The incident, about Ray Rice, about the NFL and about the domestic violence and I put them in this thing.  Let’s see how it looks.  This is not all of the information and this is a rapidly changing incident so there may be further updates to come.

Ray Rice had to go.  He just had to.  That punch is too bad and any other action would show that women don’t mean anything in American society.  I don’t think that this is over either; given that Rice will most likely appeal this process and maybe even bring suit against the NFL and the Ravens.

I was ready to give up the NFL today forever because of all the problems surrounding this incident and they might not be out of the woods yet.  There is a substantial question about what the NFL knew and when they knew it.  If they had the tape from inside the elevator when they suspended Rice for 2 games then I’m sorry, I can’t go back.

Well, I get to Watch the NFL Again. Too Bad the Cowboys are Still Bad.

So the NFL has revamped their Domestic violence policy after bungling the Ray Rice matter, sounding horrible about it everywhere and getting thrashed by everybody.  I’m glad they reconsidered this because I was going to have to not watch the NFL at all this year because of it.  Even though now I’m not going to watch the NFL because I HAVE A JOB AND BILLS AND EMPLOYEES.  That and the Cowboys are mediocre and are probably going to get thrashed this year.  When does basketball season start?