This is all I have to say to you, Harrison.

Harrison Wright, I’m really disappointed in you.  When I first saw you on ABC’s Scandal I was really impressed.  Your smooth talk and unwavering faith were admirable.  I even forgave you for wearing awkward suit/shirt/tie combos. But this season you take the cake.  First you get a little too fresh […]

We Need to Take a Minute and Determine Which of these Scandal Memes is Better 1

*there are so many spoilers in here you guys.  I warned you.* Scandal is an American TV Show that comes on Thursdays on ABC.  This past week’s episode, “Flesh and Blood” was rowdy.  If you haven’t seen it then you might want to go here and get a recap.  If […]

We’re Past All this “Fighting For Your Woman’s Honor,” Right? 1

Actor Columbus Short was arrested recently on charges of Assault. It is alleged that he knocked out some dude over his girlfriend (TMZ): Columbus Short — who plays gladiator Harrison Wright on “Scandal” — was involved in a bar fight in which the other guy ended up in the hospital […]

Let’s take a second and remember a rowdy movie that a “Scandal” cast member was in, part 1 of unknown

A few weeks ago Columbus Short was arrested on charges of assaulting a person and knocking him out. Columbus Short is an actor on “Scandal,” which either you or your girlfriend probably watch. For some reason this led me to remember that Short was in a move called “Stomp the […]

I can’t get over how sad this scene is from “Scandal”

It’s Thursday and that means that “Scandal” is on today.  I cannot tell you how sad this scene made me from last week.  I’ve never really cried before at a TV show, but this almost did it.  You should not watch this scene if you haven’t watched last week’s “Scandal.” […]

Scandal 3:13 Rapid Reaction

I watched Scandal while on the bike yesterday.  I had thoughts about it.  These were the thoughts I had:  Spoilers ahead. This darn show didn’t make it 3 minutes without showing #Olitz mugging down! #Scandal — Jeremy Gordon (@jeremyg36) March 4, 2014 #DaddyPope Take a breath, sir. I’m getting concerned […]