Some Of The Thoughts That I had while Trying to Keep Up With My Girlfriend on a Triathlon

"Oh I think she might pass me! Oh sh*t she's gonna pass me!" "huff huff huff [I mean, I'm still running so I'm breathing hard]" "Okay so this is a 5k. So I need to be ahead of her when she starts running. Like, far ahead. How far ahead?" "Okay. We started at the same time today. So we're equal there." "Okay, if train A leaves the station..."

The Workouts of 2014

At the beginning of 2014 I made a resolution to swim, bike and run a great deal of miles: Now that 2014 is over, how did I do?  Not so hot.  While I don't have an exact count, TrainingPeaks probably is the most accurate.  This is the total from this year of how much … Continue reading The Workouts of 2014

I Made a Video!

I am a board member of the International Association of Black Triathletes.  It's pretty awesome.  As part of my duties I am shooting a video series called "Jeremy's Training Corner" where I talk about my efforts to get faster and train for longer distances.  I shot my first video Friday.  Here it is! … Continue reading I Made a Video!

#WorkoutWednesday #RaceReport: the Waxahachie Running Club Try the Tri

Once I got my Achilles feeling a little better after wearing the right shoes I decided to catch up as quickly as I could to the rest of the season. I decided to take on a local triathlon put on by local tri club. I enlisted my friend and an intern in our office to … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday #RaceReport: the Waxahachie Running Club Try the Tri

Race report: 2014 Caveman Triathlon

The Caveman Triathlon is Sprint Triathlon that is a function of Dallas Athletes Racing. There is a 275 yard pool swim, a 14 mile cycle and a 5k run. The Caveman Triathlon is in Flower Mound, Texas. I had the choice between this race and another sprint tri on the same day. The King Tut … Continue reading Race report: 2014 Caveman Triathlon